Longings… a poem by Nazuk Kaul

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The child in me trying to seek the sun from behind the cloud
The dark cold days, darker and colder by the night
Snow laden peaks ,frigid and emotionless, laugh out loud
And order the sky to color the vale in its tone white

Out  of the warm confines of home sweet home
Struggling to keep my balance as I trudge along
The vast white expanse squinting my eyes as it shone
Cheeks red, nose blowing, hands and feet numb even with my robe long

Catching my breath every now and then
I followed the laid trail hoping it would get me there
Alone in my pursuit, I overlooked my shoulder every minute ten
Not a soul nor a shadow not even a bird could I sight anywhere

The road seemed endless, the journey tireless
Whom was I seeking in that solitude
The memories of my creator, my mother selfless
Who had warmed each relationship by her sheer attitude

She wintered in her summer only
Times of peace and seasons of children left unseen
Eight summers and eight winters gone by
Memories growing dearer and sweeter  but in vain

I felt the snow all around me sitting there on the mound
The hot tears melting whatever came their way
The seasons will follow their pattern the year round
Only your soothing presence is miles away.

The place of your birth will miss the chance of receiving you again
The snow,the rain,the mist will look for your fragrance and your name
Mountains and rivers and the chinar trees will ask us children
Where have you hidden our beloved daughter ,our jewel in the crown ?

nazuk-kaulWe have no answer , we still seek the justification of losing this jewel of ours
Who never got a chance to walk again in the bylanes of her childhood, her youth  and every memorable hour.

  1. Sapna says

    Searched for ‘Nazuk’ from my memory…and look what I found…beautifully penned rose…

    1. Anonymous says

      Sapna so glad that you could relate to this and a great memory

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