Sea of optimism… a poem by Aayush Khar

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Sea of optimism, a poem by Aayush Khar

Up ahead there is an island
Said the sailors on the ship
Man and his own devils
On a hell bound trip
The mind is not there
For the fear to grip

My mind’s an ocean, an unfathomable sea
Filled with both aspects and a burning question
As to what will be, the glass is neither empty nor full
It’s the life that you push
And the people they pull
An unending trip down a deep dark abyss
A place where sense fails
Upon a stagnant sea
A ship with hope sails

My mind is proud
It has been held high
It has been held high
It has been bent low
It has been places
But there are places to go

It is not the fuel which steers the ship
Through the heavy waves
It is the optimism that saves
That ability to see that glass half full
The ability to see through the fog
The sheer grit in the victory of the underdog

There is a fog in my mind
Made up of two words ‘What if’?
What if there is a dead end
What if my optimism needs a reality check
What the water engulfs me
And then rises above my neck.

The sailors they believe and reach their destination
The place they are meant to be eternal salvation
It is hope which leads you there
There are days spent in pain
There are days when eyes cease to rain
There are days when you fall down
But there is hope which makes you stand again.

Inside my head the optimism helps
It pacifies the frightened kid inside of me
A little boy who is scared of darkness and of what lies within
It is the optimism that will steer you through
And deep inside you always knew.

aayushAbout the author:

Auysh is caught between the loss of innocence and quest for maturity. The phase of life he treading has made is restless, argumentative, and  he thinks mostly irreverent. Moving forward n life, he hates stereotypes and hypocrisy and wans to belives in writing his own life’s definition.

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