On Revolution : Political ideas of Mahjoor by Prof. Ms Tasneem Bakhshi | Part 6

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On Revolution


Poetry has always proved a great source for inspiring revolutions in the history of nations Mahjoor also was intensely conscious of this iron force working behind the delicacy of poetic thought. He proclaimed.

The force of my songs and your courage combined, can shake the mountains and hills to their foundations.
Revolution is defined in his own words (revolution is) sum total of emotional fervour, restlessness, courage and youth.
It is essentially regarded as a process of change upsetting the old order of things and substituting it by new one. This is generally endorsed and welcome by him as such. It is very disturbing for a soul like him, always impatient of tyranny, to find men yielding to oppression and resenting. Change.
No more is the desire for shedding their blood to be found in the patriots of today.
He does not seem to be approving a change that is brought about by slow tactics and in a haphazard manner. A stormy spirit, not a stop-gap arrangement, is considered the determinant factor is fostering a true revolution.
If habit of flowers (masses) is to be awakened, give up hesitant measures. Let thunder rumble, let there to be an earthquake.
Revolution demands sacrifices, which, if chains of slavery are to be snapped must be given as a rule, he thought:
Flowers will wait patiently for autumn storms to pass over,

One day spring will come and he, who bore hardships, will get his reward. 

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