Going Home

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Brooding, in the flicker of an oil lamp
Pensive thoughts, I attain
I ask,
Why Sheer Negativity, for the beleaguered Valley?
Why, the image of my Kashmir is slain?

Listen to the child playing out in snow – The bullet’s sound will fade away
Listen to the winds in the garden, making that flower sway
Let’s not wait for a harbinger of good – but act as one.
Enough of lives lost, enough of wars won.

I stare at dew on the lotus here.
The shikara riding the sun kissed Dal
The amazing city on its waters
Surrounded by lush green in side all

The snow capped mountains
Ready to mesmerize
Visiting this place, so much love you gain

Wrapped in its warmth you again rise

It might have had its part of sufferings
It  might have had its strange fears
Yet, the calmness of Gulmarg,  Oh hear
Spreading happiness to millions, here.

One day, the cries of joy will echo in the Valley
The fragrance, of Mughal gardens will reduce the pain
A day, will arrive when we will celebrate
We know, sunshine follows rain

Let us collect the pebbles, aid in forming a strong wall
Indeed, struggle is omnipresent, willing to give up and fall?
I am a believer of peace, let the beauty swallow the pride
Kashmir is in my heart, it will hail
welcoming all, with arms open wide.

About the poet
gaashIvjyot Oberoi is a pursuing engineering, while his favorite pastime is toying with words. His talent was given a window after having suffered a broken heart. Poetry and music have taken center stage in his life and he also enjoys humanitarian work for the betterment of his fellow beings.