Shahzad Hussain | Actor, Part 2


An artist with an unwavering belief in his talent, Shahzad Hussain has had a long stint in theatre and television. In a conversation with Rajesh Prothi, he talks about the changing scenario of once-thriving theatre and TV shows in J & K State, the reason for the decline in their popularity, and why his faith still prods him to never give up.

(The interview is in continuation of an earlier conversation)

As a theatre and TV artist, what has excited you most?
It all started with theatre. When I started working with some famous actors of that time, I always found it exciting to work and learn from them, and of course, when they appreciated my work, it gave me a great thrill.  Later when I joined TV, it gave me financial freedom which indeed was exciting for me as I was only 16

You are also an engineer by profession, has there been any conflict between the two professions?
I have drawn a line between my acting career and job, and with the grace of God, I was able to manage both very well.

The Pandit community has been an integral part of the art & culture of Kashmir in the past. Did their migration impact the theatre and TV scenario?
A. Yes, it left a scar when they migrated, as almost every theatre group was run by the Pandit community and the entire theatre activities came to a standstill. There are attempts to revive the theatre by bringing in new talent. The Cultural Academy and Radio Kashmir are trying to bring the glory of theatre back to Kashmir.

Tell us some interesting anecdotes from your acting career?
I remember when I was once shooting at Kud and had been away from home for a long time,  a friend informed me that my wife and infant son had come to meet me. I was really excited to meet them and was shocked to find out that they had come to check on me because there had been rumors that there had been a fire on the sets and everything was burnt to ashes!

For your work, you have been acknowledged. When and by whom?
In 1996, when the situation in the State had to a large allowed art & culture to rediscover themselves, I was acknowledged for best direction for a documentary film ‘Save Dal’.

What is your message for the new generation who want to be part of this segment of our society?
We were taught that there is a shortcut to success. This is exactly what I would like to suggest the younger generation do. Work hard, be focused, work sincerely and have faith in god.