For that common pain…


I walked on the shore and my dreams webbed more,
For I dreamed,of a world brightened,
Blessings and blessings,
And all enlightened,
And then I reached for that pride,
Dreamed of being a beautiful bride.
Giving the best for each role, I would play,

A sweet, caring mom that every child would pray!
I walked on the shore and my dreams webbed even more…

And then;

In a shaking fulminant plight,
Deep black darkness encircled all the sight,
When from behind, I was held tight,
For my dreams, I started to fight,
I saw the world ending, I had shaped,
In a dark room, when my aims were raped…
And they set my soul on fire,
Threw me nude down on mire,
And I yelled, and no one came,
I started ceasing in uncovered shame…
Today in bed between life and death,
I ask for death, with each passing breath,
Whilst losing self in a defaming fame,
This flash back of my past perfection aim…
Now for my death, let you all be just,
Go and cage all the beasts of lust,
Let like me no daughter be tread,
My ashes will weep for the story said…
I had walked on the shore,
And my eyes, had dreamed even more!


About the Author

Sadaf Masoodi is pursuing Bachelors in Media Studies from Kashmir University. An avid reader, a contemplator and an introvert, she is inspired by Alama Iqbal’s work. With a scholastic approach towards life, Sadaf penned her first poem when she was in 6thStandard. Besides poetry, she is interested in psychology, cosmology and other sciences.