Composite Culture & Saints of Kashmir | Edited by | Prof. K.L. Kalla | Part – 3

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Due to this, Society is weakened and frightened, as there are no moral value among the  militants. So, there is great need, now to awaken the conscience of the Society. In  short, Mysticism and Spiritualism are abstract in nature but  they aim at bringing about union between man and his creator.

Some important Sufi/Mystic saints of Kashmir are:-                                                                                             (1) Bulbul Shah (2) Amir-e-Kabir (Shah Hamdan) (3) Mir Mohd. Hamdani (4) Noor –u-Din Wali or Nund Reshi (5) Sheikh Hamza Makhdum Sahib (6) Baba Rishi (of Tangmarg) (7) Dastgir Sahib (8) Batmalu Sahib. Besides these, main Sufi Saints of Kashmir there  are a number of  other Sufi Saints whose shrines are situated in all districts  of Kashmir. They were all  vegetarians and mostly took   local vegetables HANDH, AND WOPALHAK. In recent times Maulana Masudi, Merakh Shah Sahib played prominent  role to maintain  communal harmony when the holy Moi Mukadas (Hair) was stolen  at  Hazratbal Shrine in Shamas-u-Din’s time. Prof. Ahmed Shah, Habib Bhat and  Zeba were also  saints. The following poets wrote Sufiana Kalam songs:- Nyama Sahib, Rehman Dar, Shamas Faqir, Sochh Kral, Wahab Khar, Mahmood Gami, Sona Allah Vessu  was also a  saint.

It is relevant  to point out that the saints of Kashmir were truly in line of saints and Sufis of India who also preached Universal brotherhood of man. These are:- Mira, Ravi Dass, Kabir Dass, Guru Nanak Dev, Shri Ram Krishan Parmahansa, Vivekananda, Ram Tirth, Daya Nand, Yoga Nand, Maharishi Raman, Mahesh Yogi, Mehar Baba, Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, Vaswani, Some Indian Sufi   Saints are : Ghaus ul Azam, Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani, Khwaja Mohi –u-Din Chisti (Ajmer) Khwaja Bakhtiar Kaaki (N.D) Khwaja Amir Khusru.

“Pratya Bhijna Shastra” This is  an important  aspect of Kashmir Shaivism and it deals with the “Doctrine of Recognition” Refer to Dr. R.K.Kaw’s book of this name and Prof. B.N.Pandit’s “Kashmir Shaivism”

About the editor

Professor Dr. Krishan Lal Kalla (Pandit) has to his credit several books such as “Lalla Rookh, Glorious Heritage”, “Eminent Personalities of Kashmir” among his other works. A Gold Medalist Professor Kalla was associated with University of Jammu & Kashmir and Higher Education Department of vaious Colleges of the Jammu & Kashmir State. He also did research on Indo-logical topics at Sharada Peeth Reseach Institution, Karan Nagar, Srinagar under Dr. R.K. Kaw.

Information Courtesy: Gulshan Books. From the pages of “Kashmir Heritage”

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