Celebrating the Spirit of A Kashmiri Women: 2023 Part 1

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The spirit of Kashmiri women is a force to be reckoned with.

It is fierce, resilient and unbreakable like the mountains that surround their homeland.

Their spirit rooted in the land with the lush valleys and snow-capped peaks that have witnessed their joys and sorrows for centuries.

The blessing of the rivers that have been flowing through this land of Kashyapa  Rishi, and the greens of the forest, and the stars which have been shinning over their land, have made them stand tall and proud.

The spirit of Kashmiri women is a spirit of courage and determination. It is a spirit that has withstood time and its challenges. They are made of metal which refuses to break.

The women with their roots in Kashmir have over-time challenged the areas which were beyond their reach.

The spirit of Kashmiri women is a spirit of love and compassion. It is a spirit that celebrates the beauty of life, that cherishes family and community and that recognizes the interconnectedness of all things. It is a spirit that knows that true freedom can only be achieved when all thoughts are respected.

TheCherryTree.in is  celebrating the spirit of Kashmiri women – their strength, their resilience, their courage, their determination, their love. The sacrifices they have made, the battles they have fought, and have won.

TheCherryTree.in  celebrates as they continue to march towards a brighter, more just and more beautiful future.

Next few days, TheCherryTree.in will share with you the stories of few of them.


Rajesh Prothi

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