Celebrating the Spirit of Women of Kashmiri origin:2016, an intro to 4 part special…


Time has come for me to rise, for I have suffered long,
The tears I shed since time unrecorded, need to be accounted for,
Each time, I lost my bearing or my extension,
To the circumstances of not my making, I cried in dark,
But always a harbinger for the torch bearers,
I carried on…

Because of me, the worlds have evolved,
As I am the source,
I am the one responsible for all that is life,
I am the fire, I am the amber…
Still I am the one, who has been ignored,

Points in time, I have exhibited what I am and what I can be,
Nations have crumbled, civilizations have vanished,
Tribes have ceased to exist,
But for me, the mankind remained,

Wars have been fought, each time, it is my life which has been sliced,
Bit by bit, piece by piece,
Still I remained silent, bearing the pain within me,
Shedding the tears in dark, for no one to see,

Each tear I shed in grief, is a drop of blood,
The world may understand or not,
But for me, it is so,
I have been suffering, since times unknown,

While in one stroke I can change the course of history,
The lineage or the religion of all,
As I am born pure, born to no lineage or any religion,
For me, being a woman in itself is a religion, a lineage I need to carry forward.

It is not a myth, but a truth lost in time,
Like a phoenix, I will rise time and again
So as to carry the legacy of being the source of life…

Rajesh Prothi

About the author

Despite over a quarter century spent away from the land of his birth, Rajesh still feels the breeze and the soft warmth of the winter day sun of Kashmir. The floating snowflakes & the suspended smoke of burning chinar leaves. The fragrance of pines trees & the gurgling of mountain streams. The buzz of a dragon-fly and the chirping of a sparrow, are all part of him.
Rajesh heads AbsoluteFactor, a full-service media relations and digital communications agency. He is also the Founder & Chief Editor of www.thecherrytree.in