The Dew | Amin Kamil (1924 -2014)

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Into the garden quietly came the dew last night.
It had sad news to tell.

Throughout the night it said what every priest in the mosque and the temple say,
Into the flower’s ear whispering as it wept,
“Mortal is the world, evanescent its laughter and its joys.
With a cry we come, with a wail, we go.”

The morning sun came up,
Mind’s mistiness cleared and eyes did see around.
The dew, it shrank with fear,
The dark night’s messenger had fled.

The flowers laughed, and the buds, they clapped for joy and burst into bloom.


About the Poet

For his work he was awarded with Padam Shri.

He was born in Kaprin, South Kashmir.  He completed his Art Degree from Punjab University and Law from Aligarh Muslim University. He practiced law for two years (1947-49), and thereafter he joined Sri Pratap College, Srinagar as a lecturer.

In 1958, he joined the State Cultural Academy, leading Kashmiri language efforts.


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