Flower of Nishat Bagh – A poem by Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor

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Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor (September 1885 – April 1952)
Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor (September 1885 – April 1952)

Flower of Nishat Bagh,
Come with your graces,
Come with your laughter,
Come showering pearls !

When you entered the garden,
The kusum kissed you,
The yemberzal glowed with passion.
Come filling glasses !

See, spring has come
To Dal, Nishat and Shalamar,
O, use these my aching eyes as boats !
Come rowing across !

Stranger to all pity,
O hard-hearted tyrant !
See my bloom is wasted.
Come, love me true.

peerzada-gulam-mehjoor-stampWho’ll heed my woes
But you, my love.
I’m dying of grief.
Come showering love !

Mad after achhiposh,
You have chosen retreat.
But, come setting jewels
On the anklets of sonaposh !

God grant we never part,
Nor pull down what we’ve built !
Keep singing this song
Of Mahjoor, and come !

[Translated by: Triloki Nath Raina]

Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor

Peerzada Ghulam Ahmad, better known by the pen name Mahjoor, was a renowned poet of the Kashmir Valley. He is especially noted for introducing a new style into Kashmiri poetry and for expanding Kashmiri poetry into previously unexplored thematic realms. In addition to his poems in Kashmiri, Mahjoor is also noted for his poetic compositions in Persian and Urdu.

India Post issued a commemorative postage stamp on 25th June, 2013

  1. Anonymous says

    Greetings! 🙂
    It’s a humble request to please attach the original kashmiri poems also along with the translations. Just for the sake of enhancing the essence and the effect of these poems. That would prove immensely helpful for those who know kashmiri as a language because there is something known as ‘lost in translation’.

  2. Shiben Kachroo says

    Baghi Nishat ke gulo naaz karaan karaan wolo. This was the most popular song we used to hear
    long ago in Srinagar. The translation is fair enough.I can understand the difficulty in translating the second line ” naaz karaan karaan wulo” A great effort ,anyway.

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