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FK_Blr2[4]‘In all things, be man’ the motto of his school (CMS Tyndle Biscoe School, Srinagar) has come a long way. In his mid thirties, Faisal Kawoosa is a  General Manager, Research & Consulting, Cyber Media Research & Services Limited where he  leads the Telecommunication and ESDM practices.  In this role he is responsible for planning and implementation of research and consulting in these domains. Under him, CMR has expanded its research in these domains and have successfully executed projects beyond India.  He is aiming at taking CMR as a research and consulting partner for companies in new geographies in South East Asia and Africa.  His expertise is in conceptualization of new research products and consulting on complex consulting domains. A avid technology writer and regularly contributes to leading media brands including Voice and Data, Dataquest, CiOL, ET Telecom and RFID Journal Faisal spends most of his time work out of the Valley.

Extracts from an interaction with Swati Shukla, Head Content, www.TheCherryTree.in

You have been an integral part in developing India’s first ESDM Incubation Centre? Tell us about your experience your inspiration?
It has been one of the complex assignments in my career.  ESDM in itself being complex and diverse brings in so many challenges.  It has been a great learning experience and is definitely a proud and humbling moment for me to be associated with such a national importance project. Unfortunately, at this juncture I cannot share more than this. I am engaged with this project since conceptualization and currently supports in execution.

You have achieved so much in life how much do you owe back your success to Kashmir and its grooming?
I feel it’s just the beginning.  I feel it’s no different place than rest of the country in equipping one’s self to become successful.  I believe environment has a great impact on the overall development of an individual.  Kashmir being a valley has a message for all of us, with so many mountains around there is always a lesson for anybody to learn. The most important being that there is a summit and one has to be steady and persistent to reach out there.

Did you have to struggle along when you started your career?
As part of a growing process, I would say definitely a big ‘yes’.  I am of the view that with the world becoming a very competitive place, one has to look for your space and there starts the process of struggle.  But, nevertheless, this makes you self-driven and enterprising individual.

Which area in Kashmir do you come from? Do you have any specific childhood memories to share with us?
I was born and brought up in Srinagar.  Though, now living at a third residence since birth.  Unfortunately, my generation was an unlucky one and the memories we have aren’t worth sharing.  We can only pray that the generations to come, don’t see those years of turmoil which were part of our generations growing days story.

FK_HongKong[4]You have lived, studied and worked in Kashmir, how different is it to work in Kashmir than rest of the country?
Work is work.  And when you mean it, it is same anywhere.  But, yes I wish the work here becomes more organised and systematic.  Till the time professionalism does not become part of our work culture, the organisations you work with are not going to scale up and emerge.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we don’t see enterprises growing here in structure and as an organization of with a brand identity.  No doubt the businesses in Kashmir has evolved a lot and we have private limited companies with a respectable turnover to talk about. But if you ask me, are they ready to go public. In the current situation, I would really have to think very hard.

With time, the culture is one part of life which gets compromised and it become a challenge to retain this part of your life. How do you keep the culture of Kashmir alive?
Culture is essential ingredient of our identity.  I believe if it is passed on to the next generation, it is alive.  Though my kids are just starting off in their lives, I feel I have passed on some elements to them already. For instance language, cuisine and attire.  So, my short answer would I have already taken baby steps and would continue doing as time passes.

Any anecdotes of Kashmir that you would like to share?
There would be many. But the storyline is same. And to me that is HOPE.

What is your message to the new generation who wants to be a part of this new dynamic industry?
ESDM specifically and manufacturing in general is all about perseverance and consistency.  You have also to be clearer in fundamentals and processes.  So, apart from thinking of being disruptive by bringing in creative ideas also keep your fundamentals strong.

Do you think that the youth in Kashmir has a huge potential and with right guidance and training can make a great difference in the country‘s economy? If yes then please share some changes/ steps that you would like the government or private institutions should take?
First, I think everyone must recognize the achievements of the youth of this State. One has to realize in how difficult environment the youth from the Valley have studied, pursued their dreams and achieved whatever possibly they could.  There are definitely lots of things that need improvement. And on the priority would be education. That needs a complete revamp.

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