At Peace – A poem by Affan Yesvi

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The day had been long and tiring
Clustered with various thoughts and emotions
Honest work , corrupt systems , politics
Natural relationships and superficial existence

Why this greed for name and fame
This lust for possessions and power?

Oh  Man! You where born for more
Loving  and giving is your true nature
Even as the sun and moon in their orbits move
Serving all equally, colour, caste, creed no bar

Where has that discipline disappeared
That devotion and faith in the Almighty?

The cool sea breeze kissed my face
And the waves rolled onto my feet
There magical touch like the umbilical cord
Drew me within, into my hidden paradise
And once again I was at peace
The universe goes on!

About the poetgaash

Affan Yesvi is a Marketing Consultant and a Social Activist. His love for humanity drives him to write about the conditions prevailing in this world and how to prepare for the other one where each one must return.