Apre Deluge | a poem by Rajesh Prothi

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Tonight  I shed  tears of grief
For all those who left us in a moment brief

Parted ways yesterday, promised to meet up today
Set out for yet another night and beautiful dreams at bay

Providence had its way, dreams got washed away, spirits sagged as life tried to battle with nature’s way.

Many unknown unsung people lost
Those who were still to play life’s host

Folks who had still many breaths left
Many sunshines, moonlit nights and twinkling stars to count

Not a second thought, no second chance, no second leaf
For all those who left us in a moment brief.

Still the phoenix in us will have to rise
To hold and lead the pride and be wise

To rebuild the heaven  with love is the goal
And offer succor to each bereaved soul

To restore the glory of yesteryears
Peace and progress and brotherhood of seers.

rpAbout the author

Despite over a quarter century spent away from the land of his birth, Rajesh still feels the breeze and the soft warmth of the winter day sun of Kashmir. The floating snow flakes & the suspended smoke of burning chinar leaves. The fragrance of pines trees & the gurgling of mountain streams. The buzz of a dragon fly and the chirping of a sparrow, are all part of him.
Rajesh heads AbsoluteFactor, a full service media relations and digital communications agency. He is also the Founder & Chief Editor of www.thecherrytree.in