Ayesha Kuttay | Banker, HDFC Bank

Part 2

In 2013, she became the first Woman to be announced as a ‘Cluster Head’ not only for the HDFC Bank (where she works) , but in the entire State of Jammu & Kashmir. A student of Presentation Convent, Srinagar till 8th standard, Ayesha did her 12th standard from Queen Mary’s Girl School, Delhi. She graduated in Political Science honours from Hindu College, Delhi before joining the Delhi Law Faculty for couple of months before opting out for Post Graduation Diploma In Management from Amity Business School.

Ayesha was selected by HDFC Bank in a campus recruitment drive and she was posted at the Bank’s Connaught Place branch. No wonder, she loves Delhi and it feels like her second home.

Excerpts from the interaction with Rajesh Prothi, www.TheCherryTree.in

If you had not joined a Bank, what career you would have opted for?
I would definitely wanted to be in the marketing of this high fashion brands like Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder or in the media industry  as I was definitely vain when I was younger.

Do you idolise any women of Kashmiri Origin or any one else?
Yes my bhua Dr Bilquees. She is not only she a great doctor but she is a philanthropist. She helps all those in need. I have never seen her turn away a needy person . Also I think Indira Gandhi was quite a fierce lady.

What is your message for the Kashmiri youth (women)?
I think its imperative for all women to get education and be informed, those who are lucky enough to be able to choose and do what they want, than we must thank God for it, but nevertheless the important part is to be educated enough so that they can stand up for themselves and earn a living  and be able to judge what is right and wrong.

Today’s women in the 21st century should not shy away from unique career options available now and not only run after the standard doctor and teacher professions. Today a smart, intelligent Kashmiri women should go in for more radical careers like adventure sports, or any a writer, a painter an entrepreneur.

So my advice is follow your heart and be happy in what ever you do.