A Secularist : Political ideas of Mahjoor by Prof. Ms Tasneem Bakhshi | Part 5

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A Secularist

Two important and mentionable factors that shaped and moulded Mahjoor’s secular ideas were, firstly, Kashmir’s old age tradition of secularism and secondly, the Trika influence, a philosophical combination of Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism which greatly influenced the ancient, medieval, and modern thought and poetry in Kashmir.

It is a paradox worth noticing that the first ‘poet exponent’ of secularism, Mahjoor approached the well-worn pathway of poetry with an intense sympathy and feeling towards one particular community – Muslims. An earlier poem appealed thus as early as 1924 calling on Muslims in a sentimental and feverish manner, typical of poets, to drink ‘once more’ the old wine they had drunk in their great days.


O’ Muslims of Kashmir! Have you ever reflected upon the grand culture to which you belonged before the wisdom and intellect of your ancestors of Persia and India bowed their heads.

In my opinion, his one year in Qaidan and his associated with Albadara paper mainly concerning itself with the problems of Muslims and with bringing about a political awakening among them was responsible for this initial reactions.

However, nothing was more characteristic of his mind than his quick realization of the social, political as well as historical demands of the time. His subsequent poems immensely broadened their canvas to include the entire nation representing diverse shades of religion, caste and faiths. Thus we see that during the national movement, his poetry ceaselessly strived for a triumph of nationalism over communalism. Depicting his aim in this regard he wrote.


Mosques, Temples, Churches, religious inns and idol houses, 
For so many different places of worship I will make but one entrance.

Regarding the bond of unity between hindus and muslims of predominant importance, he strongly preached the union of their hearts.


Muslims is like milk and Hindus is like sugar, Mix these two tastes better.

Enjoining them to share the responsibilities and burdens in running the state, he said;


Helms will be kept by Hindus and Oars played by the Muslims. Together row across the boat of y our country.

  1. Rafiq Malik (FB) Kishtwar, Kashmir says

    Mehjoor sb ka kya kehne inkalabi shaair a great poet of the soil.

  2. Manmohan Kachru says

    We had one member Sunita Kaul from Noida, her posts were valuable…Please tell her to continue to give impetus to this movement. She is running a group called Raishwarr on Facebook.

  3. NB Vishen (FB) says


  4. Anonymous says

    Fondly remembered.

  5. Bushan Lal Suri (FB) Jammu says

    Taali ek haath se nahin bajti. Aisi souch to unki bhi houni chahiye.

  6. Rattan Lal Revo (FB) says

    People should have followed the verse as Mehjoor is considered as National poet of Kashmiries.

  7. TheCherryTree says

    All Kashmir were secular. We fought together with the Pakistani raiders in 1947. Reshi culture was there in Kashmir. It was Sufi belief and though that guided us.What happened to that.It is Wahhabi Islam which has and is changing that culture.So the problem in Kashmir is this and we must start to de-radicalized Kashmirs and bring them back to the reshi culture.

  8. Rauf Tramboo says

    Neyai traviv maai theaviv pannvean —

  9. Younis Munshi (FB) Kolkata, India says

    But Ashok Pundit has proved it wrong…..

  10. Deepak Budki (FB) New Delhi says

    By now Sugar has been dissolved totally. Doesn’t have its own separate identity.

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