A Poet Lost

finalUnder the dark shades of the pine I have lost
I have come again to the city of a tribe lost.

Searching the earth taken under the fabric white
Where children had buried their toys and lost.

The trees are on fire melting the winter frost
And night shedding its dark, but the beloved is lost.

Boiling springs of desire are bubbling with longs
Waits this nights end when sufferings be lost.

Flesh will start to grow over the broken bones
When children return from those mountains lost.

Birds too shall arrive learned with new songs
Laying eggs in the gardens of the saints lost.

The poet will be old writing stories from the past
and light under the dark shades of pine remain lost

Mohmmad TabishAbout the author

Mohammad Tabish tumbled down into this world about twenty-three ago in the apple town Sopore in the Northern part of the Valley of Kashmir. After completing his schooling from Tyndale Biscoe School in Srinagar, Tabish did his Honors in English Literature from Amity University, Nodia in Utttar Predesh before heading back home. What trigged the poet in him were the leafs of “Shalimar The Clown’ by Agha Shahid. In his poems Tabish tries to capture the changing hues of Kashmir – the joys and wails. These days sitting in the Valley, Tabish is attempting to translate Kashmiri poetry into English.