Women Special :2020

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Celebrating the Spirit of the women of Kashmiri Origin… Part 1

The time has come for me to stand tall and bold

For, I have witnessed the way humanity is being led

Aimlessly trying to find the north star

Lost in the hues of being

The gift of Universe being squandered without any remorse

It is not the moment for me to reflect or shed a drop

For each drop of mine is too precious to be detritused

The horizon which lies withered

I shall have to stand and let myself flow

I was not born to let my power not be used

For I was born to lead and evolve

I am the woman who shall open the levels of evolution

With me nothing withers

I am the dark, I am the light, I am the source all that is being

For the World, I am the North Star…


By Rajesh Prothi