They Say…, a poem by Mohammad Tabish

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She say…

These fallen curtains of the night are soaked,
by the grief falling down my eyes and I have
escaped every single ray of light only
to find recluse in this new world of dark rooms.

Even when I can see, I am blind,
and I remember you in my dreams
– why have you left me behind?
I would have preferred death by your side.

Every night I am lost in this fog of my memory
where I keep searching for your face.
Every night I see you escape.
Every night ignites a fresh pain.

Have I lost you?
Nobody speaks!

I carry myself from one dark room into another.
And I have no doubt of what you have become,
I know what you are doing.
You have turned into a rebel like
those other men who never return.

I saw you going into those restricted mountains
that lead you to that forbidden end where comrades lie,
–         your chosen destiny.

That evening I ran behind you,
I ran fast but couldn’t catch you,
I crumbled into my own arms.

He says:

I had to leave alone…….

I would have asked you to come along with me,
But here in this terrible country, which is occupied
By death, one seldom finds a way back home.

The enemy must be hidden in the closet of your
Own shadow, his dagger eager at you and one
Doesn’t know when life shall betray him.

These meadows which look beautiful and green
Give cover to the enemy –
Eyes keep looking at you, waiting for a perfect shot.

And I am not running away from you
I am running away from my own self
I am running in search of my own self

And I have reached far escaping my death
Bound in restraints that shall only free me
With the end of this war.


About the author

Born on 13 May 1990, Mohammad Tabish holds an Honors degree in English Literature. Besides writing  freelance for various newspapers he writes poetry and is currently pursuing Masters of Arts in International Affairs.