Stay close to me… a poem by Shishir Kaul

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Stay Close to me
Open your eyes and see
Bursting through your seams,
From my mouth a wish leaves.
It breaks through the Rainbows
Now outside it’s Dark red, green and yellow
Blinded by the sun now,
Do not hide, see the view
And go against the light
Welcome too strong, with a blow,
Everything that’s bright like snow.

Old songs,
Burning shoes.
The look in your eyes
When breaking your bones into half,
Scream and shout and do laugh.
No you’re not the one causing pain,
You’ve been afraid, always afraid.
But how could you just be gone?
Come with me and just sail on
We’ll just sail on.

Stay close to me
Count one, two and three.
Deep in through your sleeves
Open your eyes & you’ll see,
This is how I wanted it to be
This is what I thought it could be
But it’ll Never be.
And your thoughts will never be free.
Like sugar’s sweetness
Is an Ants weed.

Stay close to me,
Open your eyes and you’ll see;
You’ll see
You’ll see….

About the author:
A student, a web-designer. Is of the opinion that ‘the truest freedom is of the mind. Strives for uniqueness and elegance in all the things he does.