Saluting the front-line warriors…

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We are passing through a phase in our life, which will be remembered by many generations. The ‘moment’ we are living in, will be referred time and again, by all communities, cultures, countries, academicians, scientists, the list can go on.


The year  ‘2020’ will be talked about for generations. However, the choice will be ours, to talk about the ‘battles lost’ or about the ‘lessons learned’. To talk about the ‘dark side’ or the ‘silver lining’, or the ‘sunshine’ or the ‘rainbow’.  Or the opportunities which emerged.


The thought and the efforts when was being conceived was simple, be focused on Kashmir and let there be no mention of politics or religion. As these two issues have been responsible for civilizations to rise and fall multiple times. Each time, we have refused to learn the lessons, each time we have refused to adopt the ways of nature or align ourselves with the Universe.


The phase we all are passing through has reset our thought process, it has reset global clock. It has broken the myth, that homo sapiens can control nature.


For once, the message has been delivered, ‘no one can withstand the power of nature’ and ‘those who serve humanity are ‘if not God’ but ‘the Messengers of God’.


Next few weeks, we will be saluting those from Kashmir, who for the sake of humanity decided to serve and save life in whichever way they could. These are the select few who have staked their lives for serving others. These are the ones who have become our frontline warriors in ‘humanities fight against COVID-19’.


Salute to them.

Rajesh Prothi

About the author

Despite over a quarter century spent away from the land of his birth, Rajesh still feels the breeze and the soft warmth of the winter day sun of Kashmir. The floating snowflakes & the suspended smoke of burning chinar leaves. The fragrance of pines trees & the gurgling of mountain streams. The buzz of a dragon-fly and the chirping of a sparrow, are all part of him.
Rajesh heads AbsoluteFactor, a full-service media relations and digital communications agency. He is also the Founder & Chief Editor of