Saluting the front-line warriors | Part 2

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‘Grit’ is the word for those who are extra-ordinary. Born normal human beings, these are the ones with unique capability of doing some-thing extraordinary. These are born to set an example for humanity. These are the one who go beyond the society’s rules of caste, creed or religion. These are the ones who are the harbingers of life.

These are extraordinary times, and these are two extraordinary people who have refused to shy away from being there in the time of crisis.

We were able to connect with two doctors, who besides being Kashmiris, have one thing in common. They did their schooling from Tyndale Biscoe School, Srinagar. They both live by their school motto “In all thing be men” and the desire to ‘serve those who are in need’.

Dr. Rohit Lohari and Dr. Riaz Patoo both of them having groomed by the culture of “Tyndale Biscoe School’, today are involved in humanities quest of containing COVID-19. Both full of positivity have one thing to say, “This time shall also pass by’.



Dr. Rohit Lahori is the first Interventional Pain and Palliative Care Specialist of the State of Jammu & Kashmir and also the first to head “Out Patient Department (OPD) for Chronic  &  cancer Pains & Palliative care in any Government Hospital in North India.


Dr. Rohit is working at Government Hospital Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. The Hospital has been designated as COVID-19 hospital by the Government of J&K.

Till recently the hospital staff was more on standby for treating patients with COVID-19, indicating that the City of Jammu was under control. “Now we have got three positive patients who did not have symptoms. However, when tested, they were COID-19 positive. But there is nothing to worry about. We have government machinery and the doctors to do the needful,” said Dr. Rohit.


“We as a race have faced many pandemics in the past also. This shall also pass by. All we need to do is listen to the advice being given by the doctors and the government,” adds Dr. Rohit


Dr. Raiz Patto is more close to the ground. He is part of the team handling the “Mohala Medical Clinics’ set by the Delhi Government as part of their health initiative.

“We have constant activity at these clinics. On our part we too are careful by maintaining the required distance while testing an individual for COVID-19,” said Dr. Raiz.

Dr. Raiz is located at Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi Clinic. He joined this location in April this year, after spending nearly seven years with Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi. Before that, he was in Gulf countries for over eight years.

“The new normal for me and many like me is that we take off our protective gear and keep it in the car, if we are heading home,” he adds. The next step is for him to sanitize himself before getting in touch with any member of his family.