In the voice of a handicap | a poem | Shilpa Dhar


Do I crave?
Inside my lively grave,
With my fierce pain,
Hard to refrain,
Then why do you?

Oh people if should you yell,
Before you must tell,
Why are you making this earth a hell?

Two hands to work and serve the world,
Still you squat with a heart so curled,
Carrying in your lap,
Degrees of scholars,
And taking a glimpse of the present map to destroy a place with all your dollars,
And then call me a handicap.

No I am not!
For at least I don’t cheat,
My fate,
Or live up to date,
Just to show,
Just to avow,
My pain so deep,
But tell me,
Ohh tell me,
Is there someone who would really weep?


About the author

Shilpa Dhar : Born in a Kashmiri family in the foothills of the Himalayas, she shifted from her home due to unrest in the Valley. A software engineer by qualification, her life has always revolved around the creative spheres. A maverick, she took to acting while she was still studying engineering. An actress who has worked in serial for Disney Channel. Fluent in her mother tongue Kashmiri, she learned to speak Punjabi just to be a part of Punjabi films. Over a period of time, her diverse creativity has expanded manifold. A writer, who has specialised in healing sciences, Shilpa does private tarot card readings in her spare time.