Farhana Bhatt | Bollywood Actress | Part Two

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Farhana Bhat is an individual who upholds the value of consistency and demonstrates a resolute approach towards confronting challenges. in the subsequent segment of the conversation with Rajesh Prothi, Managing Partner, Absolute Factor & Founder of www.thecherrytree.in, she delves into topics pertaining to her place of birth and personal experiences.


How do you actively preserve and promote your Kashmiri culture in your everyday life?

In order to preserve and promote my cultural heritage in my daily life, I ensure that I dedicate quality time to my family, enabling me to stay deeply connected to my roots and traditions.


Which region of Kashmir do you hail from, and could you share some cherished memories associated with it?

Hailing from the picturesque Srinagar district of Kashmir provides me with a cherished experience, as living in this region offers a bundled package that allows me to explore the diverse facets of our rich culture, with all its inherent strengths and challenges.


What are your thoughts on the true culture of Kashmir, where diverse communities coexisted before the 1990s?

According to what I have heard from my ancestors, communal harmony prevailed in Kashmir prior to the 1990s, and people were rarely judged based on their caste, creed, or religion. This era stands as a testament to the inclusive nature that characterised our society.


How has your upbringing as a Kashmir influenced your approach to acting?

Growing up in Kashmir has instilled in me the virtues of adaptability and cooperation, especially during times of unforeseen adversity. Navigating through the storms that arise unexpectedly has taught me the importance of resilience and maintaining a collaborative spirit.


Could you share an anecdote or memorable experience from your time spent in Ksahmir?

My time spent in Kashmir thus far has been an invaluable learning experience. It has imbued me with qualities of courage, courtesy, and the ability to confront the challenges life presents head-on, adding depth and substance to my personal growth.


What advice would you give to aspiring actors, particularly young individuals from Kashmir who are just beginning their journey?

To aspiring young actors, I offer this piece of advice: dare to dream big, for with unwavering dedication and hard work, every hurdle can be overcome. The taste of victory that comes after surmounting the trials along the journey is undeniably sweet and outweighs any bitterness experienced along the way.


Could you share some interesting memories from your school and college life?.

My school and college life were marked by simplicity, yet the memories I cherish the most revolve around being acknowledged, rewarded, and evaluated based solely on one’s capabilities. The impartial treatment received during those formative years remains a testament to the generosity of life, and I fondly wish to relive those cherished moments once again.