Celebrating The Spirit Of A Kashmiri Woman: Sujada Bashir Part 4

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Sujada Bashir, a highly educated woman with a BE in Electronics and Communications, is a State spokesperson of Democratic Progressive Azad Party reflects on the ups and downs experienced by every citizen of Kashmir. Despite the challenges posed by the varying situation of Kashmir, she is proud to have received a good education. As a woman, however, she has suffered from the far-reaching impacts of the situation of Kashmir.

Sujada looks up to Ms. Nyla Ali Khan, a professor at Oklahoma University and a fellow Kashmiri who has been a constant source of support throughout her life.

Kashmiri culture is unique in its own way and I will keep working to maintain its essence.

Her advice to other women is to stay positive, work hard in any chosen field, and never give up. She values diversity and encourages people to make friends from all walks of life and to help others in any way possible.

As a proud representative of Kashmiri culture, Sujada recognizes and celebrates the region’s renowned hospitality, unique cuisine, and traditional attire. She is committed to preserving these elements for future generations.

Despite the challenges that have arisen due to political self-interest and geographical agenda’s, Sujada remains determined to maintain the essence of Kashmir’s unique culture. She recalls a time when people of different castes and creeds celebrated each other’s festivals together in the early 1980s, and she hopes that the valley’s peace and brotherhood will reach the same level so that the region’s self-identity remains intact.