Celebrating The Spirit Of A Kashmiri Woman: Ritika Razdan Part 3

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The annals of Kashmir’s history will forever memorialize the tumultuous era of the late 1980s and early 1990s. This era relentlessly tested the very essence of Kashmiri identity, their culture, livelihood, and faith. Yet, despite the unyielding challenges, Kashmiris are renowned for their fortitude, which enabled them to overcome this trying phase.

Among these intrepid individuals is Ritika Razdan, a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication. Having witnessed her family’s migration from their native land, Ritika observed her parents’ unwavering tenacity as they endeavoured to establish themselves in the National Capital Region. Their tireless labour eventually paid off, granting Ritika and her sibling a childhood filled with normalcy and a top-notch education.

Ritika’s curiosity was piqued by her grandmother’s oral traditions, particularly the Lal Ded vaakhs, which had a profound influence on her life. With the backing of her progressive and encouraging Kashmiri parents, Ritika pursued an engineering career, relocating to Mumbai to work with Oracle Financials Software Solutions. Currently she is working as AVP with Wells Fargo, USA.

Pursue your dreams and make it big. Make sure you keep the Kashmiri culture alive among next generations wherever you live in the world.

Despite living far from India in the US, Ritika takes immense pleasure in gardening, reading books, immersing herself in Indian social events, exploring new destinations, and joyously celebrating Kashmiri festivals with her spouse and daughter. She believes it is imperative to impart the rich Kashmiri culture and the significance of its customs to future generations. Consequently, Ritika and her family actively partake in yearly meet-ups with other Kashmiri families to keep their cultural heritage thriving.

The exodus of many Kashmiris from their motherland to various regions of India and the world in the 1990s tested their ability to assimilate and harmoniously coexist with diverse cultures. Nevertheless, they persevered and embraced their traditions, making them an integral part of their daily lives. By doing so, they not only represented the Kashmiri culture to the world but also showcased their extensive historical and contemporary journey to this day.

Ritika encourages others to pursue their aspirations, concurrently ensuring the perpetuity of Kashmiri culture in every corner of the globe.

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