Celebrating The Spirit Of A Kashmiri Women: 2023 Conclusion.

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Celebrating The Spirit Of A Kashmiri Woman was an initiative of www.TheCherryTree.in which started way back in 2014, it was an attempt to recognise the women from Kashmir on the ‘International Woman’s Day (8th March, each year).

The woman of Kashmir have the ability to challenge and defy the laws laid down by the generations gone by, if they so desire. They are a miracle in themselves. This is a thank you note to all who became a part of our this initiative this year.

A small tribute to those who were featured on TheCherryTree.in and to those who are out there creating a change each day.


“I am a bird you always wanted to cage,

Yet could never succeed,

I have the wings so strong to scale new height,

Beyond the limits of your reach and imagination.


For centuries gone past, I have been so humble and unassuming,

The deeds done in my name have not gone unnoticed,


I am soft, yet I so strong,

If you dare to flip through the pages of history,

You will find me in the middle of all things,

Shaping the bylanes of time,


I am an enigma,

A mystery that continues to elude the comprehension of all


Hear me whisper a word to two,

“I am not the one to shy away for any challenge laid in my path,

For I am the alpha, I am the omega,

I am the beginning, I am the end,

Whatever lies between the two, is an illusion in which I rule. “

Rajesh Prothi