Celebrating The Spirit Of A Kashmiri Woman: Meenakshi Kachroo Chatta Part 9

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Meenakshi Kachroo Chatta, a Senior Director, South and Central Asia, The College Board has an  unwavering belief that life is a perpetual journey that is replete with diverse experiences. The pursuit of knowledge and personal development is boundless and should be approached with humility and an eye towards greater aspirations. Even during times of adversity, whether due to family or social pressure, it is crucial to maintain focus and view the situation as a transient phase that will inevitably pass. Throughout her professional career, she encountered numerous high points that have been instrumental in shaping her worldview.

From her first international trip to Halifax, Canada, sponsored by government agencies for participation in a software conference cum exhibition, to her present role in an international education organization, she has gained invaluable insights and knowledge. The knowledge which has helped her grow both personally and professionally. She is firm believer that “traveling leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller.”

Kashmir, with its history of resilient and spiritually robust women, has been a source of inspiration for her. Her personal heroes are the remarkable women in her immediate circle. Her mother, Ranjana Kachroo, epitomizes compassion and kindness, and despite the challenges she faced, she provided the family a nurturing environment that instilled in her children a sense of well-being and a duty to spread love and kindness to others. Her paternal aunt, Veena Reddy, despite her physical challenges, rose to the top of her profession through hard work and a positive outlook. Her mother-in-law, Sarla Chatta, is another women is her life who is an unwavering source of support to her. The women of Kashmir possess the tenacity and determination of a phoenix, and they inspire her every day.

From a young age, her Kashmiri parents instilled in her a sense of commitment and the importance of pursuing her dreams. They encouraged her to explore the world and create her own experiences, leaving the choice of a career path open for her to decide. This sense of independence had a liberating and empowering impact on her. After marriage, her husband and the in-laws gave her unwavering support for her career growth, enabling her to pursue her passions with confidence and ambition.

Be passionate in whatever you want to do in life. Always keep the door open for new opportunities to come your way. Leave a legacy of great culture, language and custom for the future generations.

When not working, she like to travel, immersing herself in the diverse cultures and experiences that the world has to offer. Reading is another passion of her, she is currently reading “Making Numbers Count.”

Her father, Rajinder Kachroo, is a legend of Kashmiri music, his songs and bhajans hold a special place in her heart, connecting her to cultural roots. Regularly listen to his music and other singers of Kashmir, ensures that she remains attached to Kashmiri language and traditions. Kashmiri cuisine is a daily delight of her.

During Shivaratri, playing with “haar,” a traditional Kashmiri game that brings joy to all at home.

The culture of brotherhood and hospitality of Kashmir is unparalleled, and it is heartening to see that the tradition of welcoming guests with open hearts and wallets remains firmly entrenched in her family. Leaving a legacy of a great culture, language, and customs for future generations is something she is passionate about.