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The Stars Speak To Man | a poem | Abdul Ahad Azad (1903-1948

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You ‪,‬ the light of lights‪,‬ imperiled the world

You discredited the human

‏You discredited the human
‏You trade in faith and religion

‏All the doors to the world‪’‬s treasures opened up for you
‏You do not share but accumulate this world‪’‬s wealth

‏We are all one‪,‬ one flesh‪,‬ nothing but One
‏Who put the discord of the Two in your heart‪? ‬

‏Are you a leader of religion and faith‪? ‬
‏You care for neither religion nor faith
‏But the whole humanity mourns your fall

‏Should we take into our heart a religion which divides the human‪? ‬
‏A religion which turns the unity of the world into a chaos and wilderness

‏You name mischief in the world ‪’‬religion‪,’ ‘nation’‬
‏What you call enlightenment is mere intoxication

‏There is a restlessness in the heart, there is a veil over our dreams
‏All this is an illusion. When will you wake up‪? ‬

‏The heartbroken, the dejected, my friends and well-wishers
‏How you destroy human hearts in the name of the human‪? ‬

‏You sprinkle the leaves and desert the roots
‏You are destroying your own house in the name of the human

About the poet :
Abdul Ahad Azad (1903-1948) was one of the well-known Kashmiri poet of his era. He was one of the pioneers of the modernist movement. Azad is often referred to as John Keats of Kashmir. Both Keats and Azad wrote modernist poems and both died in early-forties.He belonged to the famous Dar tribe of Kashmir. His father name was Sultan Dar.”Kuleat e Azad” and “Haraam e Saba” are the famous books of Azad.

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  1. Zihannasheen says

    Another Translation of it:

    The Stars’ Address to the Human Beings
    Abdul Ahad Azad (1898–1948)

    You were the light of wisdom but you turned fire,
    O man!
    You brought humanity to degradation,
    O Heartless Man!
    Mother Nature gave you birth to spread love
    You became a trader of religions and faiths
    Nature kept open to you its treasures
    You had to distribute equitably, you turned python,
    O Man!
    Single is the world, uniform is the man—as nails
    with the flesh
    Who in your heart sowed the fire of
    You turned religion’s, creed’s pillar though you care
    for none of the two
    Mourning is humanity upon seeing your deeds
    Ought a human being follow such faiths
    Which create enmity in unity and uniformity?
    Brawling and strife you renamed as religion and
    That which you call awareness is your inebriation
    Your own deeds did deceive you, but you blame your
    own fate
    By following the outmoded mores, how can succeed?
    In your heart dwells restlessness and the veils of
    This all is your sweet dream; be aware O Man!
    Broken hearted ones’, sympathies’, friends’,
    acquaintees’, partners’:
    How you keep chopping their livers,
    O bloodthirsty Man!
    In your own garden you keep nourishing the leaves and
    cutting the roots
    Your own house you yourself are devastating O man!
    Azad has portrayed to you the real prospect of Humans
    If you don’t listen to his call, your boat will capsize,
    O Man !

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