Visionary Tree, a poem by Affan Yesvi

The tree yonder stands tall
Peeping at me through the window.

Each day I try to look beyond at the open sky
And each day the tree hinders my view.

Then I look away disheartened –
What am I seeking in the skies?
Am I looking for the clouds or the rainbow?

Suddenly between the tree and my window,
A flock of birds,
A few sparrows, a few pigeons,
Surprisingly a parrot too
And the tree is the sky!

This new miraculous vision
Changes my outlook
And I look at the tree
With gratefulness –
Had it not been for the tree
The birds, perhaps,
Would have never come.

And I would have been left
Looking for the sky beyond.

authorAbout the author:

Affan Yesvi is a Marketing Consultant and a Social Activist. His love for humanity drives him to write about the conditions prevailing in this world and how to prepare for the other one where each one must return.

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