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  1. aarti vaibhav bhalerao 

    The Kashmiri woman is the symbol of culture, dignity and modesty. The love the affection and warmth it shows is unique. She has seen the vagaries of changing times.. sometime she lost her son, sometime her brother, sometime her soulmate. Despite being broken and grief sticken she stood up giving life one more chance. The beauty that is serene , pure like the water of wular taking anybody with her charm. She carries a tradition , a tehzeeb

  2. Parul Gupta 

    This is an amazing initiative … beautifully comprehensive and marvellously put together … a pleasure to read and a treasure house of information and knowledge. Compliments and best wishes to the entire team!

  3. samina khan. 

    women are motivated and empowered when they feel cherished .So thanks for the beautiful words and making kashmiri women proud of being a woman.They are an essence of the pristine valley and truely beauty personified.

  4. Rubina Sushil 

    I am a Kashmiri woman. I am the same who came from the rib of Adam. But my spirit, my strength, my humility, my dignity has transformed that rib into a soul, a soul for entire humanity. That is the beauty of my existence. I cannot die.

  5. anitakaul 

    A truly amazing initiative! Only a Kashmiri woman… with love in her heart for the motherland despite the odds the body has suffered, with a pure soul which dreams of returning to the childhood playground and with eternal hope of hearing the birds sing freely once again…. can think of such a platform as the Cherry Tree. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  6. Ruby Vaibhav Bhalerao 

    Womam’s Day should be celebrated everyday because she is the person who is behind every man’s every day of his life. Somewhere she is a doting caring mother, somewhere she is a loving sister, somewhere she is a passionate belowved and somewhere a loving wife. In all these one thing that is common and important is and i.e, LOVE., Affection.This is because the essence of womanhood is compassion, love and the most important patience.. She is the strength behind every man. Though physically, weak but can be a pillar of strength in hard times. When we go though the history we find many great women who have proved themselves and made a niche of themselves in the society despite many obstacles and restrictions imposed by the society.

  7. Daisy Shawl 

    Wishing all the women of the world a day filled with goodness and warmth.So hats off to all the women of this world. Truly proud to be a woman