Aziz Bhai ( Late Manohar Prothi) had no enemies, perhaps no friends either but admirers he had, here, there & wherever he reached through the strong signals of Radio Kashmir.  He left us at 81, on 13th April, 2017.


When I was baptised as a broadcaster and I landed in the Duty Room of Radio Kashmir. A tall, slim, affable person was introduced to me as ‘Aziz Bhai‘.  Awe struck, I stood up and shook hand. I had been hearing him from my school days in Radio Dramas produced by the iconic Pran Kishore, Vadi ki Awaz for listeners across LoC, Fauji BhayiyoN ke liye, to name few.


I spent a little over three years in Srinagar and all through that brief period I saw him reaching the outer gate at 8 am, if not early, and leaving the studios at the closure of the transmission.

Paradoxical but true, he usually used to be hungry, perhaps he needed a bottle more than a bread box.


He was always seen with a voice recorder tucked between his (left) hind-arm and the ribs connecting back & the sternum. He preferred condensed ‘mike’ as against the lead microphone which in that era was known to catch sound effects with astounding naturalness.


He, for his captivating audio quality, exemplary artistic modulation and maddening zeal for broadcast had immense fan-following, but as I said, fans necessarily are not friends.


He was wedded to broadcasting and he bequathes us professional ethics of high order for which he lived at the cost of his family interests.


God bless his soul…

Fayyaz Sheheryar, Director General, All India Radio

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    I often recall those programs of my childhood with great nostalgia. Manohar Prothi was a household name in Kashmir . May he rest in peace !

  2. Sanatan Nehru 

    He was an icon in broadcasting had he stepped out of Kashmir, he I am sure would have attained much greater heights and we today would have taken his name in the same breath as Ameen Sayani…

    Waht modulation and range unheard areal superstar of radio … will always miss you sir

  3. Pran Kishore Kaul (FB) 

    Was one of my dearest artists. Besides a very important member of the broadcasters fraternity he was a versatile theatre performer

  4. Nighat Hafiz (FB) Srinagar 

    What a rich and beautiful voice- quality he possessed, sugar and chocolate blended with morning mist, it would dilute the senses. I was an ardent fan of that voice, the one and only voice of Radio Kashmir that neither time, nor any injurious substance could damage.

  5. Israr Khan (FB) Srinagar 

    A great man and artist par excellence. I remember those mid seventies when he was the incharge of drama section of radio kashmir jammu and how he use to encourage and teach us the nitty gritties of urdu drama and acting.

  6. Musharaf Mirza (FB) Srinagar 

    Sarey ja rehey hai pehley munshi allah rekha then nikki aapa now aziz bhai, khali hi geya ye radio station.

  7. Nitish Arora (FB) Jammu 

    Sharing a pic taken in the studios of Radio Kashmir Rkj Jammu presenting Tuhadi Chthi Mili famous programme with Manohar Prothi Ji…Munshi Chachu of the programme..loved by many .Prothi ji left for his heavenly abode on 13th April 2017. Will be missed by millions of people all accross valley where he served for all his life. He will be missed alll accross Jammu where he slentvlige after retirement presenting Punjabi programme. He will be missed by listeners across North India and Pakistan.

    This pic was clicked about two years ago, while recording Punjabi Programme with Manohar Prothi Ji, the famous anchor of ‘Waadi ki Awaaz’ of Radio Kashmir Srinagar. One of my sweetest memory. He was a craze for listeners and remained equally popular with listeners of Radio Kashmir Jammu.
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  8. Subhash Sharma (FB) Jammu 

    It is sad Manohar ji is no more. I vividly remember the fateful day, Republic Day 1995 parade at MA Stadium Jammu along with Manohar ji were making running commentary when ghastlly bomb blasts disturbed the proceedings. Manohar ji joined me consoling the participating children and moved them away from ground and stayed with me for quite long time in the ground till the same was taken over by security agencies. His agility, fearlessness was marvellous. Prothi ji was a nice man. Whenever, he came to Radio Jammu studios, he did see me and appreciated my productions. Salutes to him.

  9. Suniana Kaul (FB) Jammu 

    We have lost A great, A fantastic broadcaster of Radio Kashmir Srinagar.He will be remembered always.

  10. Ruby Vaibhav Bhalerao (FB) Mumbai 

    He was a legend. a person with such a powerful voice which will always remain immortal.

  11. Mihir Swarup (FB) Lucknow, UP 

    Truly he was a legend, won million hearts with his charismatic Voice and presentation. विनम्र श्रधांजलि।

  12. Madhvi Sharma(FB) Jammu 

    Gr8 loss to fraternity of BROADCASTERS. HE was an institution by himself. We will miss you a lot Chachu.

  13. Ramesh Chandra Bhatt (FB) Jammu 

    Its an great loss to the fraternity…a great n versatile compere, a noble person and a superb artist…he is uncompereable……I remember having seen him on various occasions at RKJ for recording Punjabi Prog…..Chachuji…..we can’t believe you are no more.

  14. Ramesh Marhatha (FB) Jammu 

    I knew him right from his presentation for prog wadi ki awaaz, we both presented progms for ‘sanikon ke liye’ known fauji bahavoon ke liye from radio kashmir Srinagar. Return if possible…

  15. Rampaul Dogra (FB) Jammu 

    I was regular listener of “waadi ki awaaz” from Radio Kashmir Srinagar and punjabi prog. From Radio Kashmir Jammu. I always loved this golden voice who entertained the whole region, across border brodcaster. His demise is a shock to radio listeners. RIP…

  16. Rohit Bali (FB) 

    Radio has come back, people are fed up with TVs insanctity and valgourity, image with sound has always being disturbing, voice without image makes your imagination much stronger.

  17. Sheikg Majid (FB) Srinagar 

    A lively impressive voice, be it radio dama, geetoon bhari kahani ,debate or discussion,Manoherji was par excellance.Throught he earned love & respect .DEATH is ULTIMATE & IMMINENT to every soul.

  18. Ramesh Kampasi (FB) Pune, Maharashtra 

    Very sad. He was part of a great era. Sweet voice he had. Radio Kashmir – I miss it. Those great programmers and programmes. Life moves on .

  19. Javaid Budgami (FB) Budgam, J&K, India 

    Oh my God….. my favourite broadcaster sweet radio voice gone….Rest in peace.

  20. Tejkrishan Ganjoo (FB) Srinagar, J&K, India 

    Accept heart felt condonlances on the passing away of shri Prothi sahab.The whole DAV School joins you in this hour of grief

  21. Upender Ambardar (FB) 

    He was a reputed broadcaster,a legendary radio artist gifted with a vibrant voice and famously known anchor of Wadi Ki Awaz daily programme widely familiar as Aziz Bhai.Besides acting in innumerable radio plays,he was also a distinguished presenter of ever popular programmes of Fauji Bhaion kay Liyae n Aap Ki Farmaish.It is a great loss to the field of Broadcasting.

  22. Aasha Khosa (FB) Gaziabad, UP, India 

    Great man and a even greater talent. Tributes. I am fortunate enough to have interacted with the legend that he had become in his lifetime.

  23. Anil Kaul (FB) London, UK 

    Remarkable personality. Iconic. Was a privilege to know him.Praying for his eternal peace.

  24. Pamela Dhar Anand (FB) 

    Yes there is a beginning and there is an end, for some there is something called after the end and that is where they go and keep a watch on us, send us blessings and are always with us wherever we go … May his soul rest in eternal peace …

  25. Vinod Chopra (FB) Jammu, J&K, India 

    My God a big loss …….Bai jaan was a legend …..Learn a lot from him during prog. HOONHAR …..Radio when you along with number of our friends participate in the program .

  26. Arif Mehmood (FB) Pleasanton, California 

    Manohar uncle was a legend. Loved long chats with him and Uma aunty. They must be doing Darbaar in heaven. He and Nicky Aapa.
    May his soul rest in eternal peace.

    People say it gets better with time….8 years later I still want to reach out to to my dad when something important happens. It’s a void that is impossible to fill.

  27. Ajit Raina (FB) Pune, Maharashtra 

    So sad I just loved his baritone voice .I had opportunity to see him in person in my childhood days where I was a regular participant in baccho ka programme !! On radio kashmir .may his soul rest in peace .Also miss his famous character he played in “vyath rozi pakaan

  28. Surender Jotshi (FB) Noida, UP 

    I too was working in RK for some time when he too was around. ——— An artist to the boot,a lovable person.

  29. Anjali Kaul Zutshi (FB) Austin, Taxes 

    It was a privilege to know Manohar Uncle….the few conversations I had with him back when we were mere kids having a good time at Radio Kashmir, will stay with me always. Know that he will be with you always, watching and guiding you through life.

  30. Kavi Naresh nirbhik Dubey (FB) Kota, Rajasthan 

    बहुत दुःख हुआ है, ईश्वर उन्हें अपने चरणों में स्थान दें,कला जगत के मेरे गुरु जी श्री मनोहर प्रोथी साहब से पिछली साल मेरी बात हुई थी, उन्होंने मेरी कविताएँ सुनी थी और आशीर्वाद दिया था, उनके साथ रेडियो कश्मीर,श्रीनगर की यादें जुड़ी हैं मुझे दुःख इस बात का है उन्होंने मुझे जम्मू बुलाया था पर नहीं जा सका, कल ये सोच ही रहा था कि जम्मू जाना है इस बार,पर आज रेडियो कश्मीर का एक युग समाप्त हो गया, मुंशी अल्लाह रक्खा साहब,निकी आपा जी,श्री मोहन निराश रैना साहब औऱ आज गुरु जी का जाना,ओह

  31. Zahoor Zahid (FB) Srinagar, J&K, India 

    Indeed one of the greatest broadcasters of our time. He would cast magic with his voice and keep his listeners spellbound. He has been my teacher. I am in mourning.

  32. Mir Shahnawaz (FB) Srinagar, J&K, India 

    Very sad, was a great person, tremendous loss to the broad casting world.

  33. Bansi Raina (FB) Jammu 

    Sorry to hear the news.At one point of tine we were very close.Owing to exigency of service…migration…meetings became difficult.I am genuinely shocked.RIP

  34. Nawaz Nengroo, Radio Kashmir, Srinagar (FB) Srinagar, Kashmir, India 

    He was indeed a legendary broadcaster & an artist par excellence.He always treated me as his son . In year 2013 he was felicitated by Radio Kashmir Srinagar for his immense contribution in the field of broadcasting.At that time I never knew that this will be our last face to face meeting.Although physically weak, but mentally he was still very sharp & alert.Of course it is a personal loss to the entire family of Radio Kashmir Srinagar. May his soul rest in peace

  35. Sanjay Kaul (FB) Mumbai 

    We grew hearing his magical voice on Radio …. We would wait for his programmes and almost every day of our better part of our youth, we would have listened him – “Bhaijan” of children’s programme, “Aziz bhai” of wadhi ki awaz ……. AWESOME ARTIST…

  36. Dalip Langoo (FB) Navi Mumbai 

    ॐ शांति वैकंठस जाय, मनोहर जी जीवंत व्यक्तित्व के धनी व्यक्ति थे, मेरा शत शत नमन और श्रद्धांजलि!

  37. Abdual Rashid Khan (FB) Srinagar 

    Aziz bhai and Niki aapa in Wadi ki awaz have been the great and vital characters. a great broadcaster who will always be remembered in the history of radio Kashmir Sgr. RIP.

  38. Syed Zeeshan Fazil, AIR (FB) Srinagar 

    A legendary broadcaster is no more. He will be remembered always by his fans.

  39. Zafar Meraj Editor, The Kashmir Monitor, (FB) Srinagar 

    A huge loss to those who knew him abd had spent some beautiful moments with him. RIP the great man you will be remembered for a long time.

  40. Kanwal Nain Chanana (FB) Srinagar 

    I can never forget him in my life for how he encourage me to give a talk on Radio Kashmir and how he entertained me in the brodcasting cabin while he was presenting his famous programme of songs….may his soul rest in peace !

  41. Ayub Javaid, Asst Admin Officer, Giftique International (FB) Pulwama, Kashmir 


  42. Salma Iftikar (FB) 

    You are right, there are many of us who remember him- his voice and his personality. On the radio and in person. I am saddened to hear about his passing.

  43. Kailash Mehra Sadhu (FB) Kashmiri Singer, Jammu 

    I find no words to express my grief and sorrow on the sad demise of legendary personality like Mnohar Prothi ji. I recalled the time all those golden age and era of that time. It’s an irresistible lose to the Art World…. Om Shanti…

  44. Sardar Saajid Imam (FB) New Delhi 

    We consider blessed for the way he touched and inspired us. Even if it was for just few days. Our prayers for him.

  45. Javid Sufi (FB) Srinagar 

    A GOOD SOUL and AN OUTSTANDING BROADCASTER. He was indeed a good neighbour and a jolly friend.

  46. Shaikh Tahir, CEO & Founder at Falcon Infomedia (FB) Srinagar 

    Feel short of words to express my sorrow. Great personality.

  47. Anil Marwah (FB) 

    Heard the sad news through my best friend Raja Zafar in Radio Kashmir who was himself is in shock as he admired him a lot and had strong regards for him. Words are too weak to express my grief at this time.

  48. Ashok Chirvi, Director, Institute of Public Auditors of India (FB) New Delhi 

    Iconic figure of the State. His voice used to cheer all, irrespective of age.

  49. Ashok Kalo (FB) Jammu 

    Scintillating and impressive voice of Radio Kashmir Srinagar and Radio Kashmir Jammu. A great broadcaster.

  50. Pearay Kaul (FB) New Delhi 

    I still remember his style of walking at Wazir Bagh, Srinagr. He was our next door neighbour.

  51. Shafalica Bhan Kotwal (FB) 

    Condolences to you.End of an era definitely.. Remember his golden voice.Was close acquaintance of my dad Shiban Bhan who will be quite sad to hear the news as well.

  52. Vidya Bhushan Dhar (FB) Toronto, Ontario 

    We are heartbroken,but we are also finding comfort in memories of our Manohar ji who was a legend.

    With him an era has come to an end, his rich baritone voice will reverberate in our sweet memories till posterity….having grown in the valley listening to him….Manohar ji always emphasized that the world is a good place, full of good people, trying to do their best. He believed in people’s extraordinary capacity for love and generosity….My Shat Shat Naman to him and his works and pray for his noble soul to be in Vaikuntha Dham..

  53. Jaspal Singh (FB) Boston, Massachusetts 

    So sorry for the loss Rajesh! The loss is collective. We all grew up admiring his voice on radio. When the time is right for you, please pen down a few lines chronicling his various endeavors. It would be therapeutic for you and enlightening for us. God bless.

  54. Jaspal Singh (FB) Boston, Massachusetts 

    So sorry for the loss Rajesh! The loss is collective. We all grew up admiring his voice on radio. When the time is right for you, please pen down a few lines chronicling his various endeavors. It would be therapeutic for you and enlightening for us. God bless.

  55. Shiban Bhan (FB) Greater Noida 

    Very sad so witty n full of hummer always helping others . He will b remembered a man with golden voice

  56. Prekshit Mehta (FB) New Delhi 

    Today, the world has lost Aziz Bhai. What a personality. Voice of Radio Kashmir lost

  57. Shahnawaz Taing (FB) Srinagar 

    I had a mulaqaat (meeting) on daily bases with this golden voice at Radio kashmir Srinagar when I was on the penal of freelance writers for the radio during eighth decade of privious century.

    His heart too was sweet like his voice.

    May his soul rest in the highest realms of peace and tranquility and give you patience to endure the pain of separation.

  58. Surinder Oberoi (FB) New Delhi 

    A legend is gone from this mortal world! But he has left his voice for us, generation to follow to listen, to cherish and to learn. Aziz Bhai character in Wadi ki Aawaz and several of his famous dramas on All India Radio will keep memories of Mr Manohar Prothi alive for ever.

  59. Anil Ganjoo (FB) New Delhi 

    Such a great man. We grew up listening to his husky attractive voice. He was a legendary broadcaster for Radio Kashmir Srinagar. May his soul rest in peace.

  60. Veena Mehta (FB) Sydney, Australia 

    He will always be missed as a great human being with a beautiful voice. May his soul rest in peace.????

  61. Praveen Matta (FB) 

    I had attended two live programmes during my childhood at Radio Kashmir on Sundays in children’s programme. His mesmerising voice I still remember.

  62. Nighat Hafiz (FB) Riyadh, Saudi Arbia 

    What a rich and beautiful voice- quality he possessed, sugar and chocolate blended with morning mist, it would dilute the senses. I was an ardent fan of that voice, the one and only voice of Radio Kashmir that neither time, nor any injurious substance could damage. May God bless his soul.

  63. Sanatan Nehru (FB) Mumbai, India 

    Still have vivid images of him in-front of me in Radio Kashmir Srinagar. Those golden days of our life, memories memories and memories. Wish I could have seen him in recent years.

  64. Rekha Chowdhary (FB) Jammu 

    For our generation in Kashmir, he was an icon and we used to love his voice and his programmes.

  65. Hameedah Nayeem,Professor, Universiry of Kashmir (FB) Srinagar 

    He will live for a long time in the memories of those who have heard him on Radio Kashmir.This in a way gives a life beyond death to those who touch human lives in significant ways.
    May he rest in peace

  66. Zainul Abdin Khan (FB) New Delhi 

    The unforgettable “Aziz Bhai” of “Wadi ki Awaz”. I acted in one play as a child artist in 1982 or 83 where he played the lead in a play titled “Dayare”. May his soul rest in peace.

  67. Dipak Samantarai, Dpty Dir AIR &DD Staff Training Institute(FB) Cuttak, Orrisa, India 

    Stuff broadcasting legends are made of. May his soul rest in peace.

  68. Shirely Jacob, AIR (FB) 

    Thank you sir for the pen picture of a true broadcaster of the likes AIR had in many of its stations.

  69. Pramod Jha (FB) 

    You have paid the homage in such an emotional way that every broadcaster would have tears in the eyes ! Thanks for paying so much respect to a professional sir !

  70. Ayash Arif, Actor/Director, DD1 (FB) Srinagar 

    Great loss indeed…We have lost great broadcaster and equally a fine artist. May his soul rest in peace.

  71. Shehzadi Simon, (FB) Srinagar 

    May God bless his soul .Our last telephonic interaction was a gift to me from a true darvesh , which I’ll always cherish.

  72. Ashok Ogra, Apeejay Education Society (FB) New Delhi 

    Nice tribute laced with memories! Knew him though not that well. He had an impressive personality – his voice added to that – but never intimidating.

  73. Sunil Dhar, AIR (FB) 

    Absolutely true. Unequivocally and unambiguously, late Manoharji was an ace broadcaster. I too feel privileged in saying that I had the first glimpse of him in the Duty Room of RKS. There was compatibility between Manoharji and broadcasting.

  74. Chinmaya Dikshit, Prasar Bharti, (FB) Indore 

    What an eulogy! What better way to remember a person than honouring the works, and principles he lived on.

  75. Reshma Khan, AIR (FB) Jaipur 

    Lavzon ka khoobsoorat tanabana inki shakhsiyat ko bakhoobi bayan karta ode to a hardcore
    broadcaster RIP

  76. Naeem Akhtar, J&K Govt (FB) Srinagar 

    Some one like Fayaz Fayyaz Sheheryar needs to write the history of broadcasting in Kashmir.

    Part of my feelings could be attributed to my being a Kashmiri but I believe there has hardly been an institution in our country post independence, that could match the contribution of Radio Kashmir in exploring the civilizational strength of Kashmir and using the medium for its promotion. That is apart from its outstanding role in promoting awareness in other fields.

    Manohar Prothi was one of the prominent voices among a procession of greats that defined RK and in turn ws defined by it. RIP

  77. Mukul Goswami, AIR (FB) Jaipur 

    May god give peace to the departed soul.

    Sir We should start an award in the name of him if possible.

  78. Roop Krishen Bhat, Ministry of HRD,Deptt. of Higher Educsation,Govt. of India (FB) new Delhi 

    A great radio artiste, anchor actor and presenter. May his soul rest in peace.

  79. Sudhakar Singh, Asst. Engineer, AIR (FB) New Delhi 

    Artists are deceased physically, but their art have eternal life…
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  80. Brij Nath Betab (FB) New Delhi 

    I have seen and watched him presenting “Fauji Bhayion ke Liye” like without any scripts in hand and without any fumble.

    He was always ready to help people around. He got my children admitted in Army school utilising his resources. I know him as a person of high moral character.

  81. Noor Mohammad, AIR, Srinagar (FB) Srinagar 

    A great broadcaster. Drama Voice, Commentator, actor. Above all, ready to help others.May his soul rest in peace.

  82. Syed Mohammad Afzal Qadri, AIR, Srinagar (FB) Srinagar 

    A great person with a mesmiriseing voice.He was an asset in broadcasting.

  83. Danish Iqbal, AIR (FB) New Delhi 

    Will always remember him. During my short stints there as visiting News Reader at the peak of militancy, I met him many times. Have very sweet memories of long discussions, down the memory lane, of those otherwise difficult dark days and scary freezing nights!!!

  84. Umesh Chandra, AIR (FB) New Delhi 

    After knowing this, I bow my head for his dedication towards broadcasting. May his soul rest him in peace.

  85. Vachaspati Mishra, Dirctor, Bharati Academy of Self Actualisation AIR (FB) une, Maharashtra 

    Lives of Great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime. And departing leave behind us, footprints on Sands of Time!

    May his soul rest in peace and keep motivating us to serve with same dedication. Thanks to Fayyaz Sheheryar Sahib for his touching tribute..

  86. Bharat Pandit, (FB) New Delhi 

    His name and voice are part of my childhood memories. A distinguished broadcaster he has left an indelible mark.

  87. Shujat Bañday, (FB) Srinagar 

    Awaaz kaa badasha thaa surhgee vaashee Manohar one of the best radio annouancer radio kashmir had groomed and produced.


    An unparalleled voice and broadcaster of repute whom every one loved and who loved one and all. May his soul rest in eternal peace.