Rabia Noor | Author “Business Leader of Kashmir”, Srinagar

Rabia Noor is an author based in Jammu and Kashmir. She has completed her Doctorate in Mass Communication and Journalism. She writes for daily Greater Kashmir,  has authored a book tilled ‘Business Leaders of Kashmir: A Series of Success Stories’ and some monographs.After pursuing active journalism for quite some years, she shifted her focus to academics. After accomplished her long cherished dream of pursuing Doctorate, she is looking forward to pursue her career in journalism and academics simultaneously.

Excerpts from an interaction with Rajesh Prothi.

Rabia NoorYou belong to which place in Kashmir?
I was born and brought up in the Srinagar city.

Traditionally, Kashmiri females have always opted for medical profession. How come you opted to become a media person?
I would be lying if I say I had no such dreams. I too wanted to be a medical doctor and serve people. But as I grew up, I realised my real interest as well as my potential lied in media. So I pledged to pursue my career in Mass Communication and Journalism. In fact my friends at college too advised me to opt for media studies. This is how it happened. I was destined to be what I am .

What has been the reaction of your family and parents when you they came to know about your decision to become a media person?
Frankly speaking my father was not initially happy about my decision. Since I had done my Bachelors in Bio-Chemistry, he wanted me pursue my career in the same subject. But very soon I found a great support in him. He has always been the first to read my stories the moment they appeared in the online edition of the newspaper. And then, my mother has supported me throughout my career and studies. Were it not for her support, it would have been very difficult for me to accomplish my dreams.

The profession you are in gives you an opportunity to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds, what have been your experiences as a woman journalist of a Kashmir origin?
I don’t think your origin should matter in any profession. What matters is how you carry out your task and give your best. I believe that will also help you be more objective.

What have been the high points in your career?
For me the highest points have been the stories that have helped common people anyway or have brought some positive change in the society one way or the other.

Convocation 2Probably you are the only Kashmiri woman who has written a book connected with ‘Business Leaders of Kashmir”. How did this happen?
Well, the book is a compilation of a weekly interview series conducted by me some years back. The interviews, which would be carried by Greater Kashmir on Sundays, feature success stories of some leading businessmen of Kashmir. I thought such stories can serve as inspiration for the prospective entrepreneurs, so I gave them a shape of a book.

What is your message for the women of Kashmir who would like to follow your path?
If you have potential for journalism and if this is what you actually want to pursue, then go ahead. I believe, you should opt for any profession out of your choice. If you land up anywhere by chance, then you can neither do justice with your job nor with your career.

You grew up in troubled times in the Kashmir. Do your parents / friends miss those who had to leave Kashmir?
Of course. I have grown up listening to the stories about some great teachers of our school and some good neighbours who had migrated to Jammu. I really wish them to return to the Valley, which is their real home.

What efforts personally do you make the tradition of Kashmir alive?
It doesn’t take you much to keep your culture alive. All you have to do is that you don’t have to forget that you are a Kashmiri and the rest will follow naturally.