A Short Story by Faruq Masudi

Perched restlessly atop a pink petal, a drop of dew longed for the rosebud to say, “Melt into my inner most recess. Immerse into my deepest fragrance, become one unto me and make me bloom into a blushing rose”. The dew waited for long, but the rosebud was too shy to say it. The stars urged her. The crescent nudged her and the cool breeze whispered her to say it but her coyness overcame her. The dew kept a long vigil; waiting, longing, hoping, hoping, hoping that…

The sun came up the next morning. And conspired blatantly.

The dew came back, precipitated as a soothing rain. And like a true lover, sought the rosebud again and expected her dancing and swaying in the naughty breeze and smooth showers; exposing her pink and silky body to its oozing strokes.

But the Rosebud was gone. The scorching Sun had withered it. Its virgin petals had been blown away and its fragrance sucked dry by a parched land of an eternal Wasteland.

Since then, the dew has never stopped crying. Its heart broken into million pieces, it descends from heavens, every night, night after night; and mourns the separation from his lover. He seeks the rosebud in the heavens. And on the Earth. In blooming gardens and wild forests. Near gushing waters and tranquil lakes. In a grand unison of a grieving orchestra, Jasmines and Hyacinths; Tulips and Dahlias; bemoan with him. Iris’ and Lilacs bewail his desperation. Carnations and Daisies grieve for him. Flowers cry and sad bees refuse to dip into their nectars.

So one day, some day, the Sun regrets its brashness and is ashamed of its blatant conspiracy.

But the rosebud won’t grow again. Buried deep in a wasteland, it cries quietly, somewhere in the deepest alcoves of a dark Universe and complains to her lover: “if I were shy, why were you such a coward. Why didn’t you claim what was rightfully yours?”

About the author

Faruq-MasudiFaruq Masudi has more than two thousand episodes of TV serials and shows to his credit as a Producer, Director and Writer. These include a Hindi feature film, Rehguzar, and an Arabic feature Film, Eqaab.
After earning his Master’s degree in English Literature (1972) and a post graduate degree in film direction (1975), Masudi’s employment with top international advertising agencies like Lintas, Clarion McCaan and Manhattan Advertising saw him moving to the Middle East for two decades.
1988, he set up the first Urdu TV Channel in the Middle East for the UAE Govt; Sharjah and served it for four years. His next calling came as Commercial Manager of Sharjah TV which continued for another two years. Subsequently, he set up his independent production company, Hoo Productions. Since then, nine of its long running serials have been broadcast over fifty five countries across the globe, including the blockbusters, Dastan and Chattan. Masudi is also working on his first collection of short stories “Halal Fiction”. His future projects include a modern biographical film on The Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
Currently he is Head of Department Media Education Research Centre, University of Kashmir.

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