How do I plane the rebellion waves along the shore?
How do I make plea to the sands of time to stay still?
I stand perpendicular to the horizon and roar,
Drubbing the dogmas and breathing out a fresh thrill,You ask me to keep out, from the wave, moons whipping pull,
Do you see the funeral marches bid adieu, for the eternal home?
I labor against the winds to the ends of night, wishful,
How do I wake up, when fractured is the day to roam.Mighty is the music of wind, and it brings me sooth,
Chasing its notes, the dancing clouds from seven colors pass,
How do I stop the rains from drooping, dropping from cosmos as truth?
See that dew mirroring rainbow, prostrating on the ashen glass.Let my longings turn into pearls, scattering golden beams,
Strengthening in oysters silently today, ethereal are my dreams…

About the author
Sadaf Masoodi is an avid reader, a contemplator and an introvert, she is inspired by Alama Iqbal’s work. With a scholastic approach towards life, Sadaf penned her first poem when she was in 6thStandard. Besides poetry, she is interested in psychology, cosmology and other sciences.

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  1. Sheikh Muhammad Irfan 

    Turbulent milieu do guides one to pen down the beautiful turbulence in the soul and heart. It is moving…

  2. Sadaf Munshi (FB) - US 

    Happy to see young women interested in composing poetry. There is room for improvement though – the author needs more control on the language (especially the idiom and metaphor). And TheCherryTree needs a spell check (“plane the rebellion waves”??) ????

  3. Syed Adnan 

    I can’t help but appreciate your wonderful poetic diction. To understand poetry is not everyones cup of tea.
    Keep it up.

  4. Abid Nissar 

    A poem has vicissitudes, a poem has a meaning, perhaps the one that is conveyed indirectly using metaphors, a poem is a phenomena of addressing feelings, emotions, notions, good, bad or whatever the poet wants to address. This poem is bit confusing and I don’t see a coherence. I may suck at english and I don’t understand literature but remember “beautiful are the things that are simple.” Next time try to have something more appealing but simple to understand.