Muriel A.E. Brown
Chenar Leaves: Poems of Kashmir (1921)
Mrs. Percy Brown
Published by Longmans,Green and Co (London) in 1921.




On the road to Kashmir

Himalaya’s noble tree, great deodar!

Towering aloft in thy majestic grace

On mighty rocks, whose clefts give narrow space

For thy strong roots – proud spread thy branches far,

Thy name means “Powerful” for no worm can mar.

Thy heart’s sound strength: in Hindu cult we trace

True services for thee, while its priests will place

Lamps on thy boughs which for God’s worship are.

Ye “Trees of God” in honour of His name

Oft planted by these mountains temples nigh

Now left gray ruins, and unknown to fame

Where echoes faint of prayers on night-winds sigh

Combining with your incense – deodars!

Ye point in solemn vigil to the stars.

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