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Namrata Wakhloo
Head of Learning & Development, United Colors of Benetton
November 15, 2015

Unrest in the Valley in 1990s changed the course of Namrata professional bearing. After finishing her engineering, she took up a course in management to so as to stay aloof from the unrest in the Valley. Today, she has many notable feathers in her hat. For getting recognition for her work, she recently was appointed as Honorary Regional Director, CASI.

Excerpts from the interaction with Rajesh Prothi

Kanishk’a Buddist Council in Kashmir
By Prof. Dr. Tokan D. Sumai
Part 4
November 22, 2015

The historical value of this very important information provided by Hiuen Tsiang has been challenged. It is also suspected that it is only a pious fabrication of the famous Chinese traveler who came to Kashmir in the 7th century. There may be two reasons for this conclusions. One many be that Kalhana makes no mention of the Buddhist Council, what-so-ever. Secondly, a third century manuscript by Paramartha on the life of Vasubandhu makes no mention of the Council convened by Kanishka at Kundalwan in Kashmir. 

The History of Kashmir
By Francis Younghusband, K.C.S.I., K.C.I.E.
Part 3
November 8, 2015

Thus among the first authentic facts we can safely lay hold of from among mistry and elusive statements of exuberant Oriental historians, is the fact that Ashoka’s sovereign power extended to Kashmir – Ashoka, the contemporary of Hannibal, and the enthusiastic Buddhist ruler of India, whose kingdom extended from Bengal to the Deccan, to Afghanistan and to the Punjab, and the results of whose influence may be seen to this day in Kashmir, in the remains of Buddhist temples and status, and in the ruins of cities founded by him 250 years before Christ, 200 years before the Romans landed in Britain, and 700 years before what is now known as England had yet been trodden by truly English feet.

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